Hominicious is a manufacturer, exporter, online retailer, drop shipper, and wholesale supplier of handmade rugs and carpets from Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. We sell to consumers, importer/distributors, interior designers, and retailers worldwide.

  • If you are a consumer buying for your home, please shop online from a wide range of fine-quality handmade rugs.
  • If you are a retail store owner interested in buying Hominicious carpets to resell at your store, please contact us for our wholesale importer/distributor who may have a wholesale warehouse in your region/area. If you prefer to import our carpets yourself, you may request a quotation and buy from us directly.
  • If you are an interior designer, please view our Interior Designer information and learn how you can work with Hominicious for your interior design projects.
  • If you have an online store and would like to have Hominicious carpets drop shipped to your customers, please view our Drop Ship information. Hominicious is now also a drop shipper, and we drop ship our carpets to retailers worldwide.


If you are an importer, please contact us to learn about the benefits we provide to importers/distributors and learn how you can become an importer/distributor of Hominicious carpets for your region/area. Through our wholesale reseller plan, we offer you a lucrative reseller business opportunity.


We supply to bulk retailers, retail stores, wholesale outlets, wholesale warehouses, and interior designers in USA, UK, Canada, Spain, South Africa and Japan, who resell Hominicious merchandise worldwide. Our wholesale clients continue to do business with us because they are consistently pleased with Hominicious’s outstanding quality, professional customer service, and after sales support.

If you are a retail store owner, you can also buy from us directly. If you are not familiar with importing carpets from overseas, we will happy to assist you in this regard by arranging everything from logistics to customs handling in your country for you. Our importers/distributors import containers of merchandise from Hominicious and distribute from their wholesale warehouse at competitive wholesale prices.


If you are interested in becoming an importer and distributor of Hominicious carpets in your region/area, please contact us for more information. We are currently looking for representatives in USA, Canada, Europe, South America, Japan, and the Middle East who can act as our representatives in their region/area. Through our representative plan, we offer you a lucrative reseller business opportunity.